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No matter how far along you are when you give birth, no matter if your baby is expected to live or has already passed away, no matter which way your baby is born, your birth is still birth, and your needs and wants matter. Loss births can be more challenging for medical professionals to support, as so much of their focus during pregnancy and childbirth is on the health of the baby. I am trained to provide doula support in these circumstances, from the moment you receive a diagnosis or determination of death to well after your baby is born. Doula services are complex and vary greatly for each family, so please, reach out as soon as you are ready. I am also happy to help you find a good doula match if, for any reason, I am not the right doula for you.


In the wake of receiving news of an expected or known loss, many families feel overwhelmed and confused by all of the information they’re faced with. There are so many choices to make, and often, families are pressured to make these choices quickly, if they are even informed that they have any choice at all. As a birth professional, I can help you create a birth plan — for any trimester — as well as a plan for saying goodbye to your baby. This usually takes the form of a discussion of your background, desires, and options, after which we create a written plan, that you then take to your health care provider. These services are also available in an expected live birth and are a standard part of my doula services.

live birth

If you are expecting a live birth — regardless of if you have experienced any previous loss — and are considering hiring a doula, I invite you to consider The Olive Tree as one of your doula options. Though I started out providing bereavement support, I am also trained to provide live birth doula support, and would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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No matter when your baby was born or at what gestational age, no matter if you carry your baby in your arms or in your heart, it is valuable to create tangible reminders of your pregnancy, adoption process, and/or your baby’s time on earth. I curate memory-making ideas on The Olive Tree’s Pinterest page, but I can also help you create tangible reminders individually. This can range from traditional items like hats and footprints to teddy bears made from your baby’s clothing or art prints of your baby’s name.



If you are experiencing a pregnancy or infant loss right now and need compassionate support and advice, please reach out. I provide this service at no charge. Please reach out through one of the following options:


emergency support

(in labor/actively miscarrying)

Clicking this link will prompt you to call me; please do so (regardless of time of day) to ensure I can connect with you right away.


 long-term support

(expected or known fetal/neonatal demise, not currently in labor; long-term grief support)



When parents are preparing for birth and already have living children at home, a sibling doula serves as on-call support for the siblings of the child being born. Sibling doulas are on call 24/7 just like a birth doula, and provide specialized support for your children, either in your home or at your birth location (if giving birth away from home). This support includes 1-2 prenatal visits with you and your children, basic childcare & food prep, emotional support and preparation for welcoming a new sibling, and a postpartum playdate. If you are preparing for a bereavement birth, this service also includes helping to prepare your children for meeting, making memories with, and saying goodbye to their sibling, as well as coordinating long-term family and child grief support.


The Olive Tree operates on a pay-what-you-can system — I do not have required fees for my services, save for a small materials, transportation, & parking fee of $50. This is an intentional choice, as I firmly believe that anyone who wants a doula should have one, regardless of ability to pay. I work with clients to find a price that works for them, operating on the belief that the services I provide are valuable, but the amount a family can pay in any situation varies widely.


That being said, many people want to know what the “expected” fee is. While my full rate for live births is $800, I will always work with you to find a price that works for you, no matter what it ends up being. I am also more than willing to set up a payment plan, and I am open to bartering depending on the service. Over half my clients have utilized an alternate rate, payment schedule, or barter/trade!

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