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placenta services

coming july 2022

what is placentophagy?

Placentophagy, or placenta consumption, is exactly what it sounds like: ingesting the placenta after birth. While this practice has gained popularity in recent decades, it is a practice rooted in the history of many cultures. In fact, humans are one of only a few mammals that don’t routinely eat their placentas! New parents consume their placentas with a number of goals and motivating factors in mind: ritual or tradition, adding to nutrition, supporting milk supply, preventing postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, restoring hormonal balance, and more. The evidence on each of these varies in scope and quality and
is discussed later in this guide, but choosing to consume — or not consume — one’s placenta is a deeply personal choice, and all options are valid! Read on to learn about why and how you might choose to consume your placenta.

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